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Planned courses and workshops

Course Bookings

To book any of our courses please use the Booking Form Request that is available under the Upcoming Events menu.

Course costs

The cost of each course is £15 per delegate per course.

Course Cancellation

It is rare that a course needs to be cancelled but please note that the Orwell Teaching School does reserve the right to cancel or postpone a course if there are insufficient delegates signed up for the course or other unexpected circumstances.  This would be no later than 4 days before the course date.  We advise any attendee who is likely to incur travel costs in advance to attend a course to check with us prior to making any travel bookings as we will not be able to refund any costs incurred should we have to cancel a course.

Venue details

Venue addresses are:
1 Halifax Primary School, Prince of Wales Drive, Ipswich, IP2 8PY

2 Orwell Multi Academy Trust HQ, Prince of Wales Drive, Ipswich, IP2 8PY

The Contact Us link has a map that shows our location.



Targeted audience

Also relevant for


Time / Venue


Behaviour management 


Class Teachers and LSA

- Looking at methods for praising and sanctions 

- Providing a conducive learning environment 

- Embedding routines 

- When and how to address certain behaviours

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


Deploying adults 

NQT/Experienced teachers/GIs 


- Looking at effective deployment of adults (IRIS) 

- Different ways of deploying adults 

- How we know an adult is effectively deployed. 

- Looking at interventions that could be run by LSAs

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1



NQT/Experienced teachers/GIs 


- An understanding of different types of differentiation – e.g. by outcome; chosen levels and scaffolded support 

- Alongside the school’s maths and English leads there will be an opportunity to look specifically at differentiation in these subjects

- Our SENDCo will also be in attendance and discuss how to cater for children with SEND, who have smaller stepping stones to achieve their goals but are still involved in whole class teaching 

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


Supporting and teaching guided reading


Teachers who would like support in implementing whole class guided reading.

- This engaging workshop will focus on whole-class guided reading teaching

- Our English leads (KS1 and KS2) will be looking at how to cater for all learners by both ability grouping and challenging the highest attaining as well as teaching a whole class who are mixed ability

- We will be sharing documentation to ensure that guided reading lessons are skills based and focused with some proposed lesson structures.

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


Preparing for the Year 4 times tables check

KS2 teachers

LSA/GIs/Senior leaders

- This timely workshops will be focusing on strategies for teaching multiplication tables

- Our maths lead will provide Insight into the Year 4 check and ways to prepare your pupils

- How to teach times tables across the rest of the school to ensure practice is embedded

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


Effective LI and Success criteria  



- This workshop will look at how to ensure your learning intention and success criteria and clear, purposeful and ensure great progress for all learners in your class.

- There will be some proposed ideas of how to chunk lessons so they are all linked to the LI 

Using the success criteria to help 

Applying to own planning 

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


Introduction to subject leadership

Subject leaders, who are new to the role

Any subject leaders, who would like a refresher

- This workshop is perfect for anyone new to subject leadership or would like a refresher of what is entailed in subject leadership in line with the new OFSTED framework

- We will be looking at the role of a subject leader; how to use your subject leader time and writing an effective action plan – which is measurable and helps support you in your role

3.45 p.m. Halifax 1


What your assessment is telling you  


Class teachers

Subject leaders

- Following assessment weeks or coming up to assessment weeks – ways to record and analyse data  

- Looking at how medium term plans should be tweaked accordingly 

- How to address gaps in knowledge and ensure that progress is maximised for the rest of the Autumn term and start of Spring term

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1


SEN – Clicker 6 (Re-arranged)

All staff working with children who would benefit from Clicker 6


- This SEN based workshop will look at how Clicker can be used in class

- How to create word banks

- As well as looking at opportunities to use clicker across the curriculum

3.45 p.m. Halifax 1


SPaG – subject knowledge


Any staff who have moved into KS2

- This workshop will predominately look at the requirements for SPaG in each of the KS2 year groups

- There will be curriculum documents to support how to teach standalone SPaG lessons as well as incorporating into your English and guided reading lessons

- This is also a great opportunity to upskill your own subject knowledge

3.45 p.m.

Halifax 1